Artistic Presentation

The artistic presentation marks the final phase of the PhD research on staging operas of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  Nourished by a decade of productions, the first objective of his research is dedicated to his creative and interpretive processes in the operatic field. The main research question he attempts to answer can be phrased as follows: how can a post-modern stage director use historical research for creative purposes?


The « Curatorenkamer » contains an installation, the ‘Wunderkammer’, evocative of a collector’s cabinet. The apparent disparity of objects on the table illustrates the many paths of exploration undertaken while preparing a Historically Informed production.


In the « Rectoren Kamer », a small exhibit reflects the major process of the research: the Remaining parts, vestiges of the past, coexist in various Structural Parts which allow to cognitively create the Performing parts of opera projects.

Photo’s PhD: Jos Kuklewski/JKimages